ScoreWIZ / ESC Nation Eurovision Song Contest Poll 2019
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Welcome to the ScoreWIZ / ESC Nation poll 2019

This is the thirteenth edition of the annual ScoreWIZ / ESC Nation Poll.

This poll is a preference poll and the intention is that everyone votes for the 10 songs in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest they like the most.

You are allowed to vote for your own country.

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All given sets of votes - Eurovision style - of all voters combined yield a general result. However there are several alternative rankings:
  • In the 'all vote for all'-ranking all votes from users from each separate country are converted to one single Eurovision style vote, leading to a ranking that can be watched in a Scorewiz scoreboard animation.
  • Again in addition to that, there are also a ranking and a scoreboard for each of the two semifinals
  • Finally there is a final ranking and scoreboard with only the twenty qualifiers, based on the forementioned semifinal results, plus the Big 6 (including Israel as hosts)
For more info, please see the results page.

For an overview of all songs check out the official site.

1678 persons have already voted. See the results so far here.

This poll is being held for the 13th time. In the past the outcome of this poll was sometimes quite close to real outcome of ESC ... and sometimes quite far away from it.

These were our poll winners in the previous years (those in bold also won ESC):

2007 Serbia ('Molitva')
2008 Sweden ('Hero', 18th at ESC)
2009 Norway ('Fairytale')
2010 Germany ('Satellite')
2011 Hungary ('What About My Dreams', 22nd at ESC)
2012 Sweden ('Euphoria')
2013 Denmark ('Only Teardrops')
2014 United Kingdom ('Children Of The Universe', 17th at ESC)
2015 Sweden ('Heroes')
2016 France ('J'ai cherché', 6th at ESC)
2017 Italy ('Occidentali's Karma', 6th at ESC)
2018 Israel ('Toy')

Have fun!
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Please vote only once, and vote fair. Please select your real country of residence or origin. The poll team reserves the right, without prior notice or discussion, to delete votes, or move them to another voting country, if there's a reasonable indication that the votes are not really coming from the country indicated (e.g. by the IP address), or more sets of votes are coming from the same person.

Designed and programmed by Ben Tumminaro, the Netherlands.

Latest votes

JoseJTDFan gave 12 points to Cyprus at 03:21 CET.
alexborland gave 12 points to Netherlands at 02:43 CET.
Alexandro gave 12 points to Slovenia at 02:05 CET.
Denza007 gave 12 points to Malta at 01:56 CET.
Christaros7 gave 12 points to Greece at 23:37 CET.
Kapex gave 12 points to Croatia at 23:14 CET.
stinkdier23 gave 12 points to Italy at 23:10 CET.
seaner00 gave 12 points to Cyprus at 23:06 CET.
Nedzad gave 12 points to Cyprus at 21:06 CET.
Rte gave 12 points to Armenia at 19:01 CET.
bear65 gave 12 points to Azerbaijan at 18:04 CET.
french-noodle gave 12 points to Slovenia at 16:53 CET.
Qfqfqfqfqf gave 12 points to Switzerland at 16:41 CET.
roroo200 gave 12 points to Italy at 15:37 CET.
Dreelm gave 12 points to Estonia at 15:26 CET.
Nadav92 gave 12 points to Switzerland at 14:27 CET.
hughselwyn gave 12 points to Portugal at 14:13 CET.
Albin gave 12 points to Albania at 10:31 CET.
temirygr gave 12 points to North Macedonia at 06:54 CET.
fema gave 12 points to Cyprus at 06:43 CET.
cema gave 12 points to Armenia at 06:34 CET.
grujica gave 12 points to Greece at 06:28 CET.
hannes92 gave 12 points to Greece at 00:20 CET.
gsakellakis gave 12 points to Cyprus at 23:01 CET.
MarcosdeE gave 12 points to Iceland at 22:21 CET.