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    Tamara Todevska "Brod sto tone" (MKD-NF 15)
    Vincenzo Cantiello "Tu primo grande amore" (JESC 15)
    Betty "People of the sun" (JESC 15)
    Kati Wolf "Ne engedj el" (HUN-NF 15)
    Milki "Accent" (BLR-NF 15)
    Daniel Kajmakoski "Lisja esenski" (MKD 15)
    Christabelle "Rush" (MLA-NF 15)
    Amber "Warrior" (MLA 15)
    Krisia Todorova "Planet of the children" (JESC 15)
    Trijntje Oosterhuis "Walk Along" (NED 15)
    Yana Butskevich & Muzzart "Tolko tantsuy (BLF-NF 15)
    Elephants from Neptune "Unriddle me" (ESC-NF 15)
    Licia Chery "Fly" (SUI-NF 15)
    The Peppermints "Breaking my heart" (JESC 15)
    Kruuv "Tiiu talu tutreke" (EST-NF 15)

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