Eurovision Song Contest 2021 - Vote Simulator (BETA)

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Please select the expected chances for each participant with juries and televoting.
The leftmost circle means very low chances, the rightmost means very high chances. It is recommended for more 'realistic' results to select the two leftmost and two rightmost circles for only a handful of entries.

Of course the simulator will add randomness to the voting. Countries may do better or worse than expected, and how often this happens, and to whom, and to which degree, it's all random! So a voting can be really exciting, or very boring, but you cannot predict what will happen!

When done, press the 'simulate' button at the bottom to create a simulation.

If you are logged in to your ScoreWiz account, the resulting final voting presentation will be added to your own collection of scoreboards, so you can even edit it. When you're not logged in, a watch-only ScoreWiz is created.

In both cases you will be able to share the links of the simulation! Be aware though that the watch-only scoreboards (not belonging to your own account) may expire after a couple of days.

This is a BETA version. At the moment the details for semi-finals and full final televote can not be shared. The generated scoreboards show just that what we're used to see in the ESC broadcast: full jury results, then aggregates only for televote.

Country Jury chances Televote chances