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What is ScoreWIZ?

ScoreWIZ is a online polling and scoreboard tool with which you can create replayable and navigable voting presentations with 'voters' attributing points, borda style, to a set of entries, which can be anything: songs, football teams, ice cream flavours and so on ....

ScoreWIZ obviously is inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest and the default voting system is 'ESC style', that is: 12 points (or more famously douze points) to your favourite, 10 to the number two, then 8, 7, 6 ... until 1 point for the tenth favourite.

However, several variations on this classical voting system are available as well including some voting systems suited for less than the usual ten entries. The minimum number of entries required is three.

Also there is a very basic support for adding an 'additional points' sequence (alike the televoting presentation at the Eurovision Song Contest, as added in 2016) at the end of your voting. These are extra (or minus) points for each of the entries, that are revealed and added after the regular voting has been completed. Note that this functionality is to be extended and improved later.

As a scoreboard adminstrator you can choose to collect the votes yourself and fill them in, or generate voting links so everyone can vote secretly. Ideal for your online poll or competition. Note that currently there is a maximum of 200 voters.

What do I need to see ScoreWIZ scoreboards?

All that's required to play the presentations is to have Javascript enabled, which is the default setting in all serious browsers in the 21st century.

However, ScoreWIZ looks the best in modern browsers like Google Chrome, Chromium, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported, though it will probably work for the best part in the most recent versions.

Who is behind ScoreWIZ and who will help me when it breaks?

ScoreWIZ was added as a feature to the former Eurovision Record Book site, and became part of ESC Nation when that site merged with the former Doteurovision Message Board. It is however not longer part of that site.

ScoreWIZ was developed by Ben Tumminaro from the Netherlands in about 2005 and has seen several updates throughout the years with the latest major update in April 2020.
There a still lots of nice features to be added, but please note that development and testing takes time. If something isn't working as it should, please send an email to info@scorewiz.eu or contact ScoreWIZ on Facebook. In your message please if possible include the URL of the page which isn't working for you and/or the scoreboard ID which you can find on your personal homepage or on top of the settings menu.

But generally: if the scoreboards generate a Javascript error, please make sure your browser loads the most recent version of the ScoreWiz code by pressing CTRL-F5 or Apple Key + R if you are using a Mac. If it still generates an error after that, please get in touch and if possible please include the error message text (including the numerical error code, if given).


ScoreWIZ withholds the right to delete scoreboards that for example