ScoreWIZ is always under construction. Below you can see what has changed recently:

21 January 2021

  • BUG FIX - The bug that country/territory names weren't properly shown when you tried to edit them has now been fixed.

25 April 2020

  • BUG FIX - Juries with a name filled out (i.e. something in the second column, and not just a country/territory selected) should now be able again to vote for participants from the same country/territory, except if the participant name or the sponsor name is filled out and exactly the same as the jury name, in addition to the country/territory being the same. This only applies to manually set votes, because there was no such restriction for votes set through a voting link.

18/19 April 2020

  • MAJOR UPDATE - General voting links now only invalidate after a vote was really cast. This means that the link remains usable for each user, even if they revisit it later, as long as no votes were submitted. There still is an IP restriction of maximum one vote per IP.

    Because voting slots are not longer reserved at the first visit to the voting form, it is however possible that submitted votes are rejected after voting. This will happen if the maximum number of slots is taken right at the moment of form submissal and if someone else was quicker to claim the last slot by saving their votes earlier. This should however not occur regularly and the new system gives an advantage to early deciders.

    Scoreboad administrators now have the ability to delete votes given through those voting links - in your settings menu with the link 'manage incoming votes'. This link is only visible if you chose using a general voting link, and the vote is active, i.e. there are enough participants.
  • Changes to how you select juries manually. The option 'juries are the same as participants' is gone. Instead in the jury menu you will find a link that lets you optionally copy all the participants (or their sponsor names) to become juries. This also allows you to have additional juries, without having to manually enter all the participants again.
  • Created a Facebook page which is another option to get in touch.
  • BUG FIX - Sponsor names will now be saved correctly before having saved the participant first.

March / April 2020

  • BUG FIX - You should now be able to delete folders again without getting a message about not being able to delete someone else's properties.
  • BUG FIX - It is not longer possible to incidentally delete the 'Scoreboards' folder which would give you a blank page if you did.
  • A more consistent colour scheme and layout in MyScoreWIZ.
  • After creation of a scoreboard you are now automatically redirected to the settings menu for the new scoreboard. This saves you time, because you don't have to look for it in MyScoreWIZ first.
  • The scoreboard animation is much smoother now than it ever was, also finally correctly fixing scoreboard rows that unpredictably moved behind or in front of each other (or sometimes both at the same time). It's much more eye-pleasing now.
  • The voting grid view is more compact now, so that chances are bigger that it fits on your screen without scrolling.
  • Some improvements to the televoting results presentation in timing and additional messages telling you how many points the last entry to receive votes needs to score to beat the leader.
  • You can now also choose if you want the televote results to be announced in an order based on the jury result (like in ESC 2019) or based on the televote result (like in ESC 2016-2018).
  • Added this updates page.